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Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading allows investors to participate in the international monetary fluctuations, such fluctuations can bring profits. Forex work way is: select the number of currency, and then by a currency market activity relative to another currency fluctuation measurement of profit or loss. For example, $ $ price from another world currency, GBP £, euros €, Yen ¥ etc decision. Able to predict the market price trend of activity is the essence of trade can bring profits, why this foreign exchange so exciting, currencies are the world's "best deals" market. This makes Forex investors a profit advantage, which is not in other markets.
Forex trading known as "now savvy investors new and exciting investment opportunities." Due to the foreign exchange market in the year 1978 began to appear, was 7 years after the abolition of the gold standard, global currencies are allowed according to supply and demand and "floating". By 1955, foreign exchange transactions only open to banks and large multinational companies, but today, through the rise of a new era of computer and Internet-based communication technology, this highly profitable market began to open to everyone. Growth in the foreign exchange market is unprecedented, explosive growth, markets cannot match any other transactions.
brings buyers and sellers get together in the traditional trade (trading) are not the same, Forex trading does not need to gather. The Forex market is a global trader through Forex data exchange centre (also known as a foreign exchange broker), use high-speed Internet connections and inter-bank forex trading market. Exchange not only become the fastest-growing market, is also the world's most profitable trading takes place.
simply put, Forex most profitable because it is the largest market in the world. Foreign exchange market generally has a daily trading volume of us $ 1.2 trillion (1998 by investigating "the fourth Central Bank Survey of Foreign Exchange and Derivatives Market Activity" (for foreign exchange and derivatives market activity, the fourth Central Bank survey). The figure today is so high). In view of this, any day in the foreign exchange market activities are energy greater than the stock market. It is the New York Stock Exchange trading volume (foreign and domestic stocks of the total deal value is $ 16 billion a day on average, which is data from 1998) 75 times greater than the $ 11 billion a day trading on the London Stock Exchange worth more.
and, in addition to being the world's largest and most profitable market, the Forex market is not affected by the negative impact of economic indicators, is also the world's most powerful and stable market. This is as a result of currency macroeconomic nature, its "trend" is better than any other market. And fundamentals of supply and demand for many commodities will be changed dramatically different overnight (which we can be at the Internet company's dramatic "market adjustment" seen in more tragic that occurred on September 11, 2001), the randomness of the monetary base is relatively small, more easily predict the trends. This can be explained in the incremental changes in interest rates, and changes in interest rates increases are small.
the following statistics further illustrate the basis of predictability. 1.2 trillion daily trading volumes in foreign exchange trading, 83% of spot foreign exchange trading activity and swap activity involves $ 95%. Currency of the euro is the second active, 37% shares. Japanese yen (24%) and sterling (10%) rank third and fourth, respectively. Swiss franc 7%, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar 3%.
spot Forex is a type of foreign exchange transactions, each of which traders according to the reasons put together, most of its investment activities. By definition, spot forex transaction is a currency transaction type, its settlement (liquidation) no later than within 2 business days after the completion of the transaction is complete. Therefore spot forex allows traders with high liquidity. Smart spot forex trader is another popular feature, in a weaker currencies buy a currency and sell it when moving to strong so that it has a strong continuous market fluctuations and from a strong currency and a weak currency in the last pairing of the profit potential. Profit or loss of the potential leverage effect magnified. Leverage this term describes the result after a small amount of money controls a lot of money. For example, for foreign exchange transactions, leverage of 100 means that allow traders to use only $ 1,000 middle positions of the margin deposit can control $ 100,000. Online Forex day trading focuses its investment activities on the spot foreign exchange, Forex trade entry and exit "risk management" with the potential for profit or loss will have the highly liquid profits.
"almost no other financial industries such as currency trading can bring so much joy and profit. Traders from around the world involved in trading for only a few weeks, days, or less than a second, produced explosive quantity and flow of operations, funds with an average trading volume of us $ 1 trillion a day fast changing hands, it was amazing. Forex profitability is called the legend. In September 1992, George Soros, of the quantum Fund realized profits of more than $ 1 billion in a few days. Brothers Solomon (Soloman Brothers, Inc.), Hans Hufschmid, in 1993 earned a net profit of $ 28 million. Judged even by Wall Street standards, these amounts will be heartbeat ". *
Although the trading volume is very large and globally play a basic role, the foreign exchange market was also little exposure in the media, as compared to its trading stock trading floor less noticeable. However, trading in the Forex market today is for the public to become more familiar with, because this market inherent profitability and risk manageability has attracted a large number of traders on the Internet. In addition, there are no geographic boundaries and time and is extremely active in the foreign exchange market is open to all participants.
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