Gold rose 2% silver rose more than 4%

On Tuesday (December 30) spot gold rose 2% silver jumped more than 4%, because of the dollar's decline and the stock market Swooning, Western countries and Russia strained the relationship between concerns also helped push up the gold price to break above key technical levels. Spot Gold rose to an intraday high
1,209 per ounce. $ 90, 2.3%. United States gold futures February contract settled up $ 18.50 per ounce, or 1.6%, in 1,200. $ 40.
silver, at $ 16.21 an ounce, intraday up 4.4% to a high of us $ 16.45.
global markets on Tuesday blew up a risk-averse mood. End of the caution and the Greece worries in the eurozone's future prospects, pushed European stocks decline. Falling oil prices weigh on market sentiment.
dollar index fell 0.3%, due to the Yen's rise, investors in the end of the year about the risks of future economic unrest, caused it to turn toward the traditional safe haven currency yen.
gold traders said that Russia and the West between tension also boosted gold prices. The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that United States this week to expand Russia's sanctions, could be damaging to some issues of bilateral cooperation.
a trader said, "the New York commodities exchange (COMEX) at the opening, buying gold is enormous, market conditions under the light, February 2015 contract as high as 1,202.80 dollars, and touched above $ 1,190 and 1,200 stop every now and then. "
despite the rising in the shock, but the market Outlook continues to be seen as a technical air, prices are still below the long-term resistance level of 1,235.
the decline in gold prices this year will be less than 1%. The rising dollar and the United States to raise interest rates expected, dragging down gold prices lower this year. Spot Platinum rose
1.9%, to 1,215 an ounce. $ 24. Palladium fell 0.7% to $ 800.30. BACK
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