Dollars the year up 12% a nine-year maximum increases in

On Wednesday (December 31) in late trading in Asia, the dollar sideways, now back to near the 90 mark. Days will be this year's last trading day. For now, 2014 expected to rise 12% the dollar against a basket of major currencies, about United States interest rate rises might be expected to enhance the charm of dollars in the coming year.
according to the statistics, dollar gains this year is the largest since 2005, the dollar rose nearly one year 13%. United States Federal Reserve (FED) is expected to raise interest rates, while Europe and Japan will implement stimulus plans, the differentiation of such policies pushed the dollar index hit eight-year high this year, and are an important topic likely to be 2015.
recent robust economic data has strengthened the view: the United States economy will improve enough to be considered in 2015, the year the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates.
US dollars US dollar index basket of currencies (euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Canadian dollar, Sweden krona and Swiss franc) are expected to gain this year, highlighting USD 2014 across the firm. In addition, USD/AUD, NZD and Norway kroner this year also registered gains.
Japanese Yen the dollar steadied on Wednesday rebounded, now comes to 119.70. The dollar hit a one-week low of 118.86 Yen Tuesday, was out early in December hit a seven-year high of $ 121.86.
investor concerns about more economic risk this week also supported the yen buying needs, in addition to dollar long positions have been profit taking at the end of it.
but the appreciation of the dollar against the yen so far this year more than 13%. Japan's Central Bank's surprise announcement late October to expand stimulus in order to keep inflationary expectations, after falling dollar rally accelerated.
TeppeiIno, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi analyst said the dollar/Yen throughout 2015 may bias the overall trend to rise. Ino said, "in 2015, if the dollar/Yen could fall to 100 or up to 130, I prefer the latter, but gains may be full of twists and turns. "
, however, the dollar may shock. Ino added that market position has the facts of prepares for further weakness of the yen, may help relieve the rally in the dollar against the yen, if Greece concerns the yen may gain short-term boost.
euro rose 0.1% to 1.2163, and on Tuesday hit a 29-month low of $ 1.2123. 11.5% drop in the euro against the US dollar this year, its biggest annual decline since 2005. Greece's ruling coalition on Monday failed to achieve enough votes in Congress to elect the President, thus needed for early elections in January, and Greece entered a period of political turmoil.
now fears Greece League of left-wing radical party is likely to win the election, and the country's international aid plucked up courage. Euro is 2015 and further prospects for easing down the European Central Bank, Greece councils face greater pressure on the euro.
United States tonight will be on December 27, when weekly initial claims for State unemployment benefits and December Chicago PMI, pending home sales index November monthly rate and a number of key economic data, performance is expected to further influence market trading.
, United States initial claims for State unemployment benefits continue to maintain good momentum of below 300,000 in the near future, investors may pay attention to the could continue to perform well. By contrast, United States home sales recently have been unable to improve. Value four times five times less than expected in the past, but in the United States in the context of strong performance of the economy as a whole, the mainstream expectations may still not too bad, so as to make the difficulty many of the results were better than expected.
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