Dollar down gold and silver jump

Rising risk aversion the dollar stocks to fall by the end of
in global markets on Tuesday (December 30) blows in a wave of risk aversion sentiment. Caution, lower oil prices and the end of Greece worries in the eurozone's future prospects, pushing European shares fell. Meanwhile, investors turned to a traditional safe-haven currency the yen by the end of, the dollar index fell 0.3%.
in addition, traders said, to Russia and the West between concerns also bring safe-haven demand, pushing up prices. Tuesday Russia Foreign Minister says United States to Russia increased sanctions will affect bilateral cooperation on some issues in the two countries.
Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras nominated presidential candidate, StavrosDimas in the third round of the presidential election failed to get enough votes, early elections, or will cause political instability, Greece EU risk.
However, economic data released on Tuesday showed that United States November the Conference Board's consumer confidence index rose to 92.6, 88.7 the value before.
a London trader said that "gold buying in morning trading in New York on Tuesday, hitting stops above the 1190 and 1200, in light trading, highest hit $ 1208/oz level. "
RJOFutures PhilStreible, senior market strategist," said US dollar weakness, Greece political unrest as well as strong correction has helped support gold, but firm in $ 1200 will remain a continuing challenge. "
hedge funds bullish bets minus gold analyst 2015 collective short
United States commodity futures trading Commission (CFTC) on Tuesday (December 30) released the weekly report showed that as of December 23 a week, hedge funds and fund managers reduced holdings of Comex gold and silver net long positions in futures and options. Net long position six weeks reduced the second week in a row.
specific data display, week ending December 23, gold COMEX speculative net long position reduces 10639, to 93099; silver COMEX speculative net long position fell 72-14912 hand in hand.
SPDR gold ETF on Tuesday once again shed 1.49 tons, total holdings fell to its lowest level in 6 years 710.81 tons.
despite the market volatility, but on the technical side, prices remained generally bearish, the long-term upside resistance at 1235 dollars an ounce.
iiTrader TeddySloup, a senior market strategist said: "gold bullish factor is the Tuesday's trading volume larger than recently, but only can receive more than 1235, the bulls can really got excited. "
Netherlands Bank (ABNAmro) is very bearish for gold next year, its the end of 2015 expected just $ 900 an ounce for gold, expected by 2016 is only $ 750 an ounce. Netherlands Bank believes that Fed rate hikes intensified in 2016, driving the dollar stronger, affect the price of gold.
DailyForex AlpKocak technical analysts on Monday (December 29) said is expected in 2015 a quarter of the price of gold could fall to $ 980 an ounce lower, until the outbreak of the severe financial crisis and geopolitical risk, dragged down the stock market entered a death spiral.
CNBC commentator recently gave its own forecast for 2015, he thinks the Dow's performance will be flat next year, up space below 5%, and that the United States more than 10-year Treasury yield will reach 3%. Gold and Sullivan believes that by the end of 2015, gold prices fell to below $ 1000/oz.
in recent months, demand for gold strong performance next year supplies or hit its peak
according to the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong Monday (December 29) released data show that in November by the monthly net inflow into the Mainland's gold in Hong Kong rose 27.7% rose for four consecutive months, from the highest level of net monthly inflow since February this year. Data show that November in Hong Kong of mainland China's total export of 149.235 tons of gold, or 34% by the month.
but there are analysts in 2015, China's gold imports from Hong Kong in the Mainland will maintain this year's level.
according to the World Gold Council (WGC) far East area manager AlbertCheng said China's Gold demand this year could be about 950 tons, 1275.1 tons than last year would have fallen sharply.
said Tuesday the Shanghai market premium hit $ 4 per ounce for gold, shows that physical demand is strong for Gold support.
one of the world's largest gold producer Goldcorp recently reported, 1995 is a peak in exploration for gold, by this calculation, gold mine production will peak by 2015.
However, from mining companies ' costs, all of its maintenance cost in 1050 to 1200 US dollars an ounce, at current gold prices, a large number of miners in a State of loss.
from any angle, gold mine production will decline in the coming years, there is even a big drop, the problem lies in how central banks will respond to, supply and demand factors impact on the gold price, after all, could not be ignored forever. BACK
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