European stocks closed down 0.9% year up 3.9%

On Tuesday (December 30) European stock markets close down 0.9%, mainly as a result of Greece the impact of political uncertainties, and Spain's consumer price index decline also caused investor confidence under pressure.
the Pan-European STOXX 600 index fell 0.9%, 341.02 points throughout 2014 or 3.9%. Greece Athens composite index closed down 0.5% 816.15 points, extending yesterday's closed down 3.9% trend, because Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (AntonisSamaras) StavrosDimas nominated presidential candidates failed to gain Congressional support in Monday's vote, that means Congress will have to collapse and early elections in the next year.
, Germany the DAX30 index fell 1.57%, at 9770.8, still up $ 2.7% for the year; United Kingdom the FTSE 100 Index closed down 1.2% at 6551.3; France's CAC40 down 1.7% at 4245.8.
after reports, Samaras has asked in a January 25 general election. StanShamu, IG markets strategist pointed out, this means that the market in the next three weeks will face Greece impact of political uncertainties. Fears that the main problem is that if Greece left-wing coalition (SYRIZA) wins the election, then the Greece bailout and austerity measures will continue. After the vote on Monday, reported Greece far-left Union Leader AlexisTsipras said the country's voters want to end austerity policies.
at the same time, the European Central Bank has been facing the euro area economic growth stagnant and inflation continued at a relatively low level of difficulty. According to Spain National Bureau of statistics data released on Tuesday showed that in December, the country's consumer price index (CPI), the initial value is-1.1%, compared with November-0.4%, mainly due to the decreases in petrol and diesel prices affect. Under the influence of this data, Spain the IBEX35 index closed down 1% at 10294.4. BACK
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