Silver unfortunately Lok! Future odds?

Silver price opened Tuesday at $ 3114, time Europe yesterday in Greece presidential candidates failed to get enough votes in the third round of the presidential election, both gold and silver prices lost. Silver prices charged on the date line in one line.
Greece last round of voting of the presidential election fails, Greece will hold a general election, which made investors worry that the country assistance plan with creditors under threat.
Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (AntonisSamaras) nominated presidential candidate, Dimas (StavrosDimas) in Monday's third round, at the same time in the final round of voting failed to get the President, and Greece will be forced to early elections in early 2015. Greece Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said the Government had done everything in presidential elections, a few Members States dragged to the desired point of re-election. Greece people will not let the country back into crisis, will request the President to dissolve Parliament, to strive for elections held on January 25.
seen from the date line, silver spot price charged to a slight lead on solid female pole recovered on Friday gains, silver run in the vicinity of MA5,10 bonded 3115, silver prices above resistance at Boll rail and MA30 32,101 line, support under 3050, silver market must rebound on the date line space, dominated by much lower.
in the short run, silver prices Boll is still running on the 4 hour chart MA5 down under MA10,30 moving average, silver prices fall below the axle supports in the lowest homeopathic 31,001 line, 4 hour, silver price continues, attention in today's silver price action 3200-3050 interval. BACK
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