Crude oil fell further by 2.64% Jin Yincheng

United States NYMEX2 crude oil futures on Monday (December 29) closed down $ 1.12, or 2.05%, at 53.61 dollars a barrel, its lowest close since May 1, 2009, because Libya unrest after a positive role during the Asian-European is digested away, concern about the global oil market is oversupplied the market resurgence.
ICE Brent February crude oil futures fell $ 1.57, or 2.64%, at $ 57.88 a barrel.
Libya oil officials said, the country maximum of oil EsSider and RasLanuf still in close State, makes crude oil market Monday Asia Europe period on the country oil production damaged of concerns mood warming, crude oil price took rose, but to has North America disc in the, investors such of concerns mood quickly tide, investors instead again concern crude oil market overall Shang of supply excess problem, because Libya situation not enough to effect to global market of supply status, crude oil price instead fell.
FrostandSullivan Business Development Director of CarlLarry believes that everyone tries to Libya wars into the crude oil market considerations which, after all, Libya has lost a great deal of fuel, but this kind of crisis is only temporary, not enough to have a long-term impact.
Tyche capital partners said that while crude oil prices rose slightly on Monday morning, but the selling pressure; whenever, as long as the price of crude oil rose in any form, will be part of the selling price of crude oil investors have emerged.
Singapore PhillipFutures analyst DanielAng pointed out that, in Libya war continued constantly of situation Xia, the country of crude oil export and production activities still to keep stable, the country current of oil output about in 352,000 barrels/day around; in past one week, United States NYMEX2 months crude oil futures price and ICE Brent February crude oil futures price by short back fill of support, but in 2015 is comes of situation Xia, Support is increasingly related to the exhaustion of potential failure.
at the same time, Greece ahead of a general election the prospect of a stronger dollar, which makes dollar-denominated oil prices weighed down.
crude oil prices plunged, from "outside the market" to put downward pressure on the precious metals market, and a strong dollar, "colluded" to result in gold and silver prices fell. BACK
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