2015 gold was gold challenge and opportunities

"Gold from the 1920 US dollars an ounce down to less than 1200 USD/oz level is a big downside, many funds have escaped from the gold market into other markets, and that this trend is continuing. "An industry insider said.
2013 years, the gold market ended a 13-year Daniel quotes, annual fallen near 30%; immediately after a full year of ups and downs, gold in 2014, when leaving early once again returned to the market. As of December 29, COMEX gold futures closed at $ 1195 per ounce of gold, so far this year fell by about 1%.
since June 2013, bad-mouth Golden voice has never stopped the market, downward bias has always existed. Time in 2015, the United States economic recovery, a strong dollar and low inflation or will 2015 the maximum pressure on gold.
, including Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, including many of the investment banks are standing continue to bet against the 2015 in gold. Deutsche Bank said that judging from the historical correlation between dollars and gold, gold could fall to $ 1075 per ounce, Goldman Sachs forecast the end of 2015, the price of gold fell to 1050 dollars an ounce.
their consensus view is that there is no doubt that gold's biggest competitor is a dollar. Since October, the Fed exit QE, Japan accidental release of monetary policy, Europe under the background of further easing expectations have increased, gold fell below the four-year low. United States economic recovery success, in 2015 the Fed raise interest rates caused the dollar to appreciate, if the dollar continues to stabilise high next year, that gold prices will be more expensive for other buyers, weigh on demand and prices fell. Strong dollar index will limit Gold's short-term rebound, gold in 2015 might not be difficult to improve.
on the other hand, the threat comes from institutional investors as a whole gradually lighten up. The latest data show, SPDR (the world's largest gold ETF) holdings currently held steady at 712.90 tons, the lowest level since September 2008. HSBC noted in a recent report, the gold market is still fragile, gold ETF substantial outflow of funds, investor sentiment deteriorated if ETF investors began to settle further, gold could usher in another round of falling.
HSBC believes that to investors interested in and SPDR gold Trust Fund, there was a major geopolitical event, which triggered safe-haven buying; or the unexpectedly sharp rise in crude oil prices, enhance Gold's inflation-charm right now does not have such a condition, it means that gold prices are more likely to continue to remain on the defensive, continue to weaken.
UBS wary of gold. The Bank noted that the 2015 United States interest rate rise would increase the opportunity cost of holding gold. ETF is expected out in intervals of 300~400 tons, which would cause the price of gold fell to $ 1050 an ounce, close to the marginal cost of production. If the price goes to the marginal cost of production, gold is likely to become the subject of volatility selling strategies. In this case, should lead to increased demand in Asia and likely to see production contracted for the first time since the 2008.
Nevertheless, and 2015 is or will become Gold reversed a year. Prices could continue to fall, but there are more and more reasons to think that the price of gold has been bottoming, further downside is limited.
Standard Chartered Bank analysts have compared the performance of gold in 2015, and raised the price of gold is expected to $ 1245/ounce. The Bank believes that background is one of the weakest in the gold market, because there are so many negative factors, especially when most long dollars. "But we think the situation will change, 2015 gold status will become more active, especially the second half, the strong dollar will lift. "
it is worth noting that some positive factors in support of the rising price of gold. Physical gold demand in emerging markets. Physical gold market after the drop in 2014 will have some signs of recovery, as the traditional gold consumer, India Government to relax the import of gold, while China, the world's second-largest gold consumer 2015 may as a rebound in gold prices made a significant contribution. JPMorgan said, because of low gold prices to consumers in China and India very attractive, so prices will rebound with strong physical demand for gold next year.
in addition, as stated in the 2014, geopolitics will continue to be 2015 to stimulate maximum power of gold rise in risk aversion. Agencies, analysts said, due to the recent slump in oil prices, geopolitical risks in the Middle East could drive banks and companies a new round of defaults.

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