A value of 100,000-euro EURUSD contract.
investors see the currency's price is too high, and will depreciate in the near future, therefore taking advantage of the sell EURUSD. When the price is 1.31100/120
in the EURUSD, investors sold 1 1.31100 contract of deposit is $ 1,000 per hand.
euro prices did not fall as investors expect, instead of rising, investors in order to cut losses, when 1.33080/100 is EURUSD quotes, investors 1.33100 prices closed lost 200 points (1.31100-1.33100).
as investors sell in 1.31100 in 1.33100 to buy, the 200-point loss in United States dollars converted: (100,000x1.31100)-(100,000x1.33100) = per contract to $ 2,000. BACK
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